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Pilo D48 Schaltauge - n/a
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Pilo D48 Derailleur HangerCNC machined D48 derailleur hanger from Pilo Precision Machining.Features: Anodised CNC machined from 6061 T651 AluminiumSuitable For: Norco: 2006 Evolve, 2005 Evolve, 2002 CRD 1, CRD 2, CRD 3, Ignite, Rage Kona: hanger aka "K", 2001 Muni Mula and others Drag: 2015 Six, Saracen: Mantra, Raw-2 Ironhorse: Maverick 3.0, Chimpira, Bakuto, Warrior comp, Race, Yakuza chimpira, Sachem 3.0, Warrior 3.0/1.0, Adventure 3, Transit 3.0 Da Bomb: Molotov, Molotov-2, Torabora Rocky Mountain: Flow, Grind Mongoose: 2010 Tyax comp (ignore the small bolt), 2009 Tyax Element: 2005 Nitron-Q MD-9, Xenon-E MD-14, 2004 Elegant MD-9 KHS: 2004 - Alite1000, Alite500, Alite300, 2005 - Alite2000, Alite1000, Alite500, Alite300, Partial year 2006 (may use #240 hanger instead, check image for final match): Alite3000, Alite2000, Alite1000, Alite500, Alite300 2007: Alite3000, Alite2000, Alite1000, Alite500, Alite300 Fuji: 2008 - Outland RC, Reveal 1.0 Mondraker: 2003-2005 Finalist, 2003-2007, 2010 Ventura, 2006-2007 Play 1/2/3/20/24 Also fits: Red Bull Evoke Leader KSM Sette Shadow Planet-X Jack Flash Tony Hawk Le Tour de France Ibex 2010 Venzo MX-2, FX-1 BH - Mountain BIke TrailHunter 666 Jeep Cherokee KTM El-Paso and others Aka "L" with Claud Butler, Falcon, Optima, ShogunBuy Pilo Frame Spares from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World's Largest Online Bike Store.

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55 Cancri
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. 55 Cancri also cataloged Rho1 Cancri or abbreviated 55 Cnc, is a binary star approximately 41 light-years away from Earth in the constellation of Cancer. The system consists of a yellow dwarf star and a smaller red dwarf star, separated by over 1,000 AUs. As of 2011, five extrasolar planets have been confirmed to be orbiting the primary, 55 Cancri A. The 55 Cancri system is one of only six planetary systems known to have at least five planets and may possibly have more. The innermost planet, 55 Cancri e, transits 55 Cancri A as viewed from Earth.

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